Aestr-x pre workout 330 gram

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Aestr-X is a powerful pre-workout that has been specially formulated without creatine and carbohydrates. Some athletes do not want creatine in their pre-workout as they already take them separately or are in a cycle-off phase. Aestr-X provides the body with the important amino acids L-Arginine and Citruline Malate, and is enriched with Beta-Alanine and other synergistic ingredients.

Aestr-X is a very tasty and easily digestible instant drink.

Ingredients per serving:
3000mg Beta-Alanine
2000mg Citrulline Malate
2425mg Arginine AKG
850mg Tyrosine
120mg Caffeine (from Guarana)
250mg of Taurine
75mg of Inositol

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