Massive mega dose 2,5 kilo

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Massive mega dose contains carbohydrates and proteins.

The proteins makes it one of the most balanced gainers to increase muscular volume, and carbohydrates to preserve its energy source during the effort. Massive Mega Dose 1200 contains essential amino acids, (BCAA), which will be used as an energy source during an intense effort. When the glycogen stores run out, the BCAA's are used by the organism to produce glucose which is transformed into energy in order to support the required physical effort. Massive Mega Dose 1200 brings a good dose of protein to the athlete associated with a carbohydrate intake, which helps with the absorption of protein into the muscular cells, provides a better recovery, more tonicity and muscular volume that will guarantee an effective weight gain.


Mix 3 scoop (100 gr) with 400 ml of cold water or your favorite beverage, using a shaker cup or a blender. use between meals and immediately after intense exercise.

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